Compensatory leave

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The following material is intended to provide you with information about some of the common types of change in employment situations and the effects it will have on your employment.

My collective agreement allows me to bank my overtime worked and take it at a later date as compensatory time off. If I have not taken the time off by a specific date, will it be paid out to me?

Collective agreements provide a specific date for the cash-out of any outstanding balance of compensatory leave not used.

How is my compensatory leave recorded?

The Pay Centre does not have access to your departmental leave system. Therefore, it is your responsibility for requesting and receiving authorization for any absences from the office through your departmental leave system.

In the event your department does not have a departmental leave system, your authorized leave request form will be forwarded to the Pay Centre for recording your leave usage.

How will the Pay Centre be notified that I have a balance of compensatory leave to be paid?

After verification by your manager, your departmental human resource section will provide the Pay Centre with the required information for payment under cover of a pay action request form.

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