Relocation of spouse

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The following material is intended to provide you with information about some of the common types of change in employment situations and the effects it will have on your employment.

My spouse or common-law partner is being permanently relocated. Can I request relocation of spouse leave?

You may request leave without pay for up to one year when your spouse/common law partner is being permanently relocated.

If my spouse or common-law partner is being temporarily relocated, for what period of time can I request relocation of spouse leave?

You may request relocation of spouse leave for a period of up to five years if your spouse or common law partner is temporarily relocated.

Is the approval of relocation of spouse discretionary?

Approval of leave without pay for relocation of spouse is not discretionary. This leave shall be granted upon your request.

How is my relocation of spouse recorded?

The Pay Centre does not have access to your departmental leave system. Therefore, it is your responsibility for requesting and receiving authorization for any absences from the office through your departmental leave system.

In the event your department does not have a departmental leave system, your authorized leave request form will be forwarded to the Pay Centre for recording your leave usage.

How will the Pay Centre be notified that I will be proceeding on leave without pay for the relocation of my spouse?

Once your leave is approved, your manager will notify your departmental human resources section, who will in turn provide the necessary information to the Pay Centre. The Pay Centre will take the appropriate action to temporarily stop your salary and provide you with detailed information about the effects of your leave without pay on your pay and any related benefits or insurances.

If I want to make a claim for employment insurance, what is the process?

A web-based record of employment will be completed on your behalf and retained at Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. In the event you’d like to make a claim for employment insurance, this information is required in order to establish your eligibility and level of benefits. Information about applying for Employment Insurance benefits can be obtained online at Service Canada or from your local Service Canada office.

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