Experiencing problems with your pay

Read this detailed explanation about how to report a problem with your pay.

Step 1: Verify that the Public Service Pay Centre serves your organization

Check the list of departments and agencies served by the Public Service Pay Centre. If your department or agency:

Step 2: Inform your manager

It’s important to speak to your Phoenix section 34 manager. This manager should be aware of your department’s internal processes, such as emergency salary advances, and will guide you through them.

Your section 34 manager should make sure your pay request has been approved in the system and your proper documentation has been submitted. This manager will check with:

  1. your departmental human resources (HR) contact to ensure that the required entry has been made properly in the system
  2. the trusted source to confirm if your documentation was sent to the Pay Centre (where required)

If steps were missed by your section 34 manager, departmental HR contact, or the trusted source, ensure that they take the appropriate corrective action. A pay action request form (PAR) may be required.

A pay action request (PAR) form is used only for pay services actioned by the Pay Centre.

The PAR form must be signed by a manager with a delegating financial authority and sent to your department’s trusted source. The trusted source will validate the information and forward it to the Pay Centre.

Step 3: Report your pay issue to the Pay Centre

If your section 34 manager, departmental HR contact or trusted source confirms that everything has been done correctly on their end, contact the Pay Centre. Here are two options:

Option 1

Submit a feedback form, which can be used to flag a:

Option 2

Call the Pay Centre:

Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm eastern time

Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm eastern time

If you are on leave or retired

If you are on leave or retired, you may not have access to Compensation Web Applications or the Track myCASE web application because they are only accessible on the Government of Canada network. To submit a request, please contact your manager, fill out a feedback form or call the Pay Centre.

Step 4: Follow up

Once your PAR has been received by the Pay Centre, you may track its progress by using the Track myCASE web application (accessible only on the Government of Canada network). For more information on this application, please consult the frequently asked questions (accessible only on the Government of Canada network).

Important: In some cases, there may be a delay between when you submit your request and when your request is received by the Pay Centre. Also, if you submitted a feedback form, it does not create a case within Track myCASE, and so you will not be able to track the progress. Only pay action requests submitted via a PAR form can be tracked using Track myCASE.

If you would like to follow up on a PAR, please submit a feedback form.

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