Guidance for managers and advisors served by the Pay Centre

Access Phoenix pay system resources and tools for managers.

Services and information

Why the Pay Centre rejected your pay action request

Reasons why pay action requests are rejected and how to avoid it next time

Submit a pay action request

Steps to follow and what you need to know when completing this form

Understanding pay action request work types and sub-types

When completing a pay action request form, refer to this table that maps work types and sub-work types to pay events

Pay Centre documentation requirements

This guide helps employees, managers, human resources, finance and the Pay Centre identify which pay events require what documentation

Phoenix for section 34 managers

Helpful tips to assist managers complete Phoenix tasks and follow the approvals process

Trusted sources and pay action requests

What you need to know about using your department’s trusted source to confirm pay-related requests

Pay Centre processing times

What information you need to provide to allow the Pay centre to meet its service standards

Pay Centre forms

Access the list of Pay Centre forms

Adding new employees to the pay system

Find out about hiring and personal information that HR needs to create a new employee record

Get Phoenix training

Learn how to use Phoenix with this Canada School of Public Service course

Pay process roles and responsibilities

Pay event guidance for managers, human resources and finance interacting with the Pay Centre

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