Overview: What to Expect in the Retirement Process

Retirement is a big step! In this video, we’ll explain what your pension options are and how to make an informed decision.

Topics covered: Choosing a pension benefit option; the pension retirement package; choosing a retirement date

Transcript for Overview: What to Expect in the Retirement Process

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Hi, my name is Carron.

Are you soon starting a new chapter in your life? Changing your routine from being at work to being at home, or taking on new projects? Retirement can be a fulfilling time for you and your loved ones.

But, before you leave the public service, here are some steps you'll need to follow.

First order of business, you need to choose your retirement date.

I know for some, this could be the hardest step of the process.

Once you have a retirement date, you must submit your resignation letter to your manager for approval.

Your manager will then send your accepted resignation letter to the Public Service Pay Centre or your departmental compensation services.

Finally, you should also send the Government of Canada Pension Centre proof that your resignation has been accepted by your manager.

This could be either a copy of an email, a form, or a letter, and do this at least three months before you retire.

Upon approval of your resignation, contact the Pension Centre.

This will allow us to prepare and mail your personalized retirement package.

It will include a Pension Benefit Options Statement indicating what your available pension choices are.

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Now, to make your pension choice, you must complete your Pension Benefit Options Statement.

Then, return it to the Pension Centre.

It's that simple! But first, check out our video on "How to complete the Pension Benefit Options Statement (PWGSC-TPSGC 2011)".

While you're at it, also view the videos regarding your available pension options, such as: Immediate Annuity, Annual Allowance, Deferred Annuity and Transfer Value.

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You should choose your pension option as soon as possible.

In certain cases, a delay can have financial implications.

Waiting too long could also result in making your option invalid.

So ideally you should contact the Pension Centre before terminating your employment.

So to recap, here's what you need to do:

  • Choose your retirement date.
  • Submit your resignation letter to your manager.
  • Send proof of your resignation approval to the Pension Centre.
  • Contact the Pension Centre to obtain your personalized retirement package
  • And choose your pension option as soon as possible.

(When the narrator says, “… here’s what you need to do” the words CHOOSE YOUR RETIREMENT DATE/SUBMIT YOUR RESIGNATION/SEND PROOF OR APPROVAL/CONTACT US/CHOOSE OPTION appear in a text box, on the top-left corner of the screen. The text box disappears.)

Once you retire, you should receive your first monthly pension payment within 45 calendar days from your retirement date.

Of course, this takes into consideration that you and your employer have correctly completed and sent all required documents.

These also need to be received prior to your retirement date.

What happens if the Pension Centre received your documents more than 15 days after your retirement date? Well, you would then get your first pension payment within 30 days from the day we receive your documents.

Your first pension payment will be issued as soon as it is processed.

And for all future pension payments, you can look forward to receiving them in your bank account on the third last banking date of each month.

(When the narrator says “… you can look forward to receiving them…,” the image of a calendar page appears on the top-right corner. There is an “x” on all the dates, except for the third last banking day, which is circled. The image disappears.)

I hope this was helpful to you! Should you have any questions regarding this video, feel free to contact us! To better prepare your retirement, I encourage you to view our other videos! You can also access more information by visiting canada.ca/pension-benefits.

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Thanks for watching!

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