Public opinion research in the Government of Canada

Federal departments must follow specific guidelines when collecting and reporting information about the public and representatives of businesses or other entities including federal public servants.

Services and information

Defining public opinion research

How to determine what activities are considered public opinion research. Learn the difference between contracted and non-contracted research as well as behavioural and factual research.

Mandatory procedures for public opinion research

Learn more about the rules for managing and coordinating public opinion research activities.

Standards for conducting public opinion research

Learn about specific standards for online and telephone surveys as well as qualitative research.

Standing offers for public opinion research services

Access the list of pre-qualified suppliers that can provide public opinion research services for the government.

Requirements for submitting public opinion research final reports

Access the requirements federal departments must follow when submitting research studies to Library and Archives Canada.

Public opinion research reports

Read full reports of contracted public opinion research conducted by the Government of Canada.

What we are doing

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