Transcript for Two important questions for our clients, Annual client service week, November 3 to 7 Video

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Michelle d'Auray – Deputy Minister:

Hello. The 3rd annual Client Service Week takes place from November 3 to 7. It’s the perfect time for us to reflect on our accomplishments and how we can continue to improve the services we are offering you. 

  1. Have you seen the latest issue of Our Services, Standards and Results? It contains details on our vast array of services. But most importantly, it tells you what you can expect when doing business with us. You can access this publication on our Internet site.
  2. How did we do? Access the following links and tell us how we met your expectations and what we need to improve.

Our priority is serving you.

Thank you for your business!

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Two important questions for our clients
Annual Client Service Week
November 3 to 7

Name and title of DM on screen
Third annual Client Service Week
November 3 to 7

Photo of OSSR (Our Services, Standards and Results)