Video Transcript of "Our Service Pledge" - Text

The words in each sentence below quickly zoom in one by one. The entire sentence fades and the animation repeats for each new sentence.

We build and maintain strong partnerships with our clients and value the trust and confidence they place in us.

We deliver our services in an open, fair and transparent manner, based on clearly communicated accountabilities and expectations.

We aim to meet the high standards for client satisfaction and responsiveness that we have set for ourselves and leverage our expertise to deliver services that fully respond to our clients' needs.

We are accountable for the results of our performance and continually strive to be at the forefront of innovative service delivery.

A lime green screen slides down from the top with the words “TOGETHER we are leaders in…”

A dark green screen comes down from the top with the words “Serving Government, Serving Canadians.”

PWGSC corporate signature appears on a white screen.

Canada word mark appears on a white screen.

End of animated video.

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