Service Standards Overview

In 2013-2014, we achieved or surpassed 27 of 38 targets - These results demonstrate our sustained commitment to meeting our clients' expectations. Where there are shortcomings, we continue to work to improve our performance.

In 2014-2015, we continue to make sure our service standards are meaningful to clients and reflect major client satisfaction determinants such as timeliness, accessibility, accuracy/quality and cost.

Table Summary

The table Service Standards Overview indicates the number of service standards that were in place for each of PWGSC's five Service Categories, the Service standards that met or surpassed the target and if some results are available by client for 2013-2014. The table also shows the number of service standards that are in place for 2014-2015 for each of PWGSC's five Service Categories.

  2013-2014 2014-2015
Service Category
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Number of Service Standards Service Standards That Met or Surpassed the Target Footnote * Results Available by Client Organization Number of Service Standards
Buying and Selling 8 2 8
Payments and Pensions 8 6   10
Property and Building 8 8 8
Security, Corporate and Information Services 7 4 10
Translation, Terminology and Interpretation 7 7 7
Total 38 27   43


Footnote *

A target is the percentage of times a service standard has been fully achieved. Our service standard targets typically range from 80% to 100%.

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