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A. Key Services

We manage one of the largest and most diverse real estate portfolios in the country. We also offer a wide range of real property services.

Office Accommodation Services

  • Managing office space needs of federal organizations in accordance with the Government of Canada's accommodation policy, guidelines and standards
  • Advising clients on the most suitable approach to meeting their accommodation needs, e.g.: appropriate mix of Crown-owned, lease and lease-purchase arrangements, including public-private partnerships
  • Effective maintenance and operation of our real estate assets
  • Responding to property and facility emergencies
  • Ensure effective stewardship on behalf of Canadians by offering solutions representing fair value to the Crown.

Real Property Services

  • Advising clients in planning or decision making on acquisition, construction and maintenance of assets to determine the most cost-effective real estate solution
  • Providing project delivery services, such as design and construction, to deliver projects ranging from rehabilitation to fit-up, across various asset types including office buildings, laboratories, secure facilities, marine infrastructures, bridges, dams and contaminated sites and lands
  • Providing property and facility management services with state-of-the-art practices and technologies for cost savings and environmental benefits PRIORITY SERVICE!
  • Expertise in a wide variety of asset types: office buildings, secure facilities, laboratories, transportation, heritage facilities, contaminated sites and lands, etc.

B. Featured Initiatives

We are transforming and creating new services to better meet our clients' needs and ensure effective stewardship on behalf of Canadians.

Workplace 2.0

Creating modern workplaces that will attract, retain and encourage public servants to work smarter, greener and healthier to better serve Canadians. There are a variety of tools and resources available to implement Workplace 2.0, starting with the Government of Canada Workplace 2.0 Fit-up Standards.

Our Workplace 2.0 vision for workplace renewal has three pillars:

  • The Workplace - renewing our physical workspace.
  • The Back Office - updating systems, policies and processes to support public servants in program delivery.
  • The Way We Work - using new tools and technologies to connect, collaborate and communicate across the country and with Canadians.

Check out a video of The Workplace of the Future! Also see examples of other resources available on our GCpedia site at - Workplace 2.0.


  • Maximized use of space and technology to create more flexible and dynamic office spaces that encourage collaboration.
  • Healthier and attractive workplaces to help public servants be more productive.
  • Increased employee mobility for better work/life balance.
  • The government's Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) commitment to shrink its environmental footprint and reduce levels of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from its operations means greener and more cost-efficient buildings. This translates into savings for Canadians.

Best Practices:

  • Continuing outreach activities with client departments on Workplace 2.0.
  • Support tools have been developed for clients, including the Workplace 2.0 Toolkit, Navigating Change to Workplace 2.0, Government of Canada Workplace 2.0 Fit-up Standards, fact sheets, a photo gallery and more.
  • Workplace 2.0 Accreditation (Link for employees of Government of Canada departments and agencies only.), launched in June 2013, provides an innovative approach to engaging and motivating client departments when adopting a modernized workplace. Workplace 2.0 accreditation helps client departments plan their office environment to incorporate the key elements of a modern, effective and efficient workplace. Accreditation is also used at the conclusion of a project to assess the degree (bronze, silver or gold) to which clients have created a Workplace 2.0 environment. It is based on the three integrated themes that define a Workplace 2.0 work environment: People, Space, and Technology and Sustainability.
  • Webinars and presentations in support of accreditation will continue to be held as needed based on demand.
  • As of February 2015, 35 projects have been accreditedwith 4 Gold, 13 Silver and 18 Bronze.  Many more are currently in the process of being evaluated.

Real property-1: Property Management and Project Delivery Services (RP-1)

The RP-1 Service Management Mechanism is composed of six regional, performance-based contracts to provide a comprehensive range of real property services for federally owned and leased assets across Canada on behalf of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) and several other custodians of federal real property.

PWGSC has been leveraging the private sector to augment its capacity to effectively deliver comprehensive real property services, including property management services for crown-owned and lease-purchase assets, lease administration services for leased space, project delivery services and a host of other real property services (typically categorized as optional services) across Canada. This complex initiative is national in scope and will impact all areas of PWGSC's Real Property Program including the regions. The contract in-service date is April 1, 2015.


  • A commitment to ensuring that asset integrity is maintained and all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements are met.
  • A focus on internal capacity to respond to program needs that support the departmental/branch objectives and mandate.
  • Increased agility (speed) and scalability (volume of work) to respond to changes in business demand and priorities.
  • An ability to consider and address the findings of recent PWGSC and/or Office of the Auditor General (OAG) audits.
  • A capability to accommodate differing service levels, service delivery requirements and/or performance criteria by type / category of asset.

Best Practices:

  • Industry consultations.
  • National Core Team members including all regions and participating Other Government Departments (OGD).

SIGMA for Real Property (Previously known as NOVUS) NEW!

Users began working with SIGMA for Real Property on December 8, 2014, with the activation of selected Master Data users within the Real Property Branch (RPB). A phased activation of transactional users (such as Leasing Managers/Officers, Property and Facilities Managers, and Business Support Managers) began across Canada in April 2015.

SIGMA for Real Property is built on Software Application Program (SAP) software embedded with internationally-recognized real property (RP) management processes. The technical solution has been integrated with the existing PWGSCSAP solution for Finance – called SIGMA. The integrated solution for both finance and real property processes will be referred to collectively as SIGMA.

The “new” SIGMA has had a significant impact on PWGSC’s existing RP business processes and supporting software, as well as on the way employees perform many of their daily real property functions. This major change has provided a common technology solution to replace outdated RPB business systems. This change initiative consists of two broad components:

  • "Business Transformation," which involves the adoption and integration of industry-standard real estate business processes
  • "Systems Transformation," which involves replacing several existing stand-alone systems with commercial off-the-shelf software – namely, SAP

Benefits: NEW!

This solution will have a significant impact on employee functions, roles and responsibilities and workflows both within PWGSC Real Property and those organizations with whom it interacts.
The intended benefits will allow PWGSC to manage its real estate portfolio more strategically by:

  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness through the alignment and integration of Real Property processes and systems
  • Enabling improved data quality and information exchange
  • Improving service delivery
  • Enabling more streamlined ways of working
  • Enhancing accountability, operational and strategic decision making

Best Practices:

  • Use of internationally-recognized real property management processes
  • National Core Team members
  • Extensive stakeholder engagement
  • Job-to-role mapping and training
  • National NOVUS Network webinars and Town Halls with senior management sponsorship

C. What's coming

National Client Accommodation Strategy (NCAS)

Consultations with clients in 2012-2013 on their deficit reduction action plan (DRAP) commitments identified a gap in the existence of consistent and reliable accommodation planning information. As a result, PWGSChas developed a comprehensive strategy template and has piloted a National Client Accommodation Strategy (NCAS) with one client department. Useful lessons and best practices have been captured from the pilot to further develop this new fee-for-service accommodation advisory service to support all clients while ensuring alignment with PWGSC and their own portfolio objectives.

The NCAS will provide reliable accommodation planning information and will support and guide decision making related to:

  • The acquisition, maintenance and disposal of office space and special purpose space in support of a client department's program requirements and savings commitments;
  • The tracking and monitoring of demand information required to make broader portfolio and sound investment decisions for PWGSC and clients; and
  • The management of the PWGSC Real Property Branch National Portfolio Strategy and Plan which will bring more efficiency to the way we manage our office accommodation program.

Update of PWGSC Accommodation Projects 101 Workbook

The PWGSC Accommodation Projects 101 Workbook was launched last year. An update of the Workbook is being prepared to include more information on the Workplace 2.0 accreditation process and a section on Base Building Security versus Tenant Security. This update will help both the PWGSC project team and the client have a better understanding of the funding accountabilities with regard to securing our buildings and our tenants.

D. Ensuring Value for Money

Value for money is ensured through the following cost avoidance and risk avoidance features:

  • Leveraging PWGSC's real property resources
    • Key functions such as legal, policy and program direction and portfolio planning and management
    • Established national and regional networks
    • Robust governance structure
    • Integrated information management systems and strong analytical and reporting capabilities
    • Reduced need for clients to set up and run large internal real property organizations
  • PWGSC's expertise and knowledge
    • The team of engineers and other specialists ensure compliance with rules and regulations, codes, policies and guidelines
    • Legal experts mitigate legal risks and liabilities
    • Experienced project managers abide by industry standards and best practices
    • Staff have in-depth knowledge of Government of Canada processes when dealing with central agencies such as Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS)
  • PWGSC's extensive contracting and procurement experience
    • Timely and flexible access to private sector
    • Experience in negotiating supply arrangements and standing offers
    • Ability to use purchasing power and benefit from economies of scales
    • Valuable market intelligence owing to our regional presence across the country
    • Compliance with contracting rules the requirements of international trade agreements such as North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

E. Service Standards and Results

We have surpassed 7 of our 8 targets for property and buildings services. We are committed to continuously improving service and meeting client expectations. Our plan to ensure we succeed in this respect is based on preventative maintenance, responsive emergency management, timely and professional work through the National Service Call Centre, and consistency in project delivery across the country, which is ensured by the National Project Management System (NPMS).

In 2015-2016, we will strive for on-going communication to keep our clients satisfied and foster early involvement in project planning to ensure timely project delivery.

Table Summary

The Table on Service Standards and Targets for the Property and Buildings service category shows service targets for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 for the following services: Office Accommodation Services; Professional and Technical Services; and Client Relationship Management.

Property and Buildings Target 2014-2015 Results 2014-2015 Target 2015-2016
Office Accommodation Services
Ensure facilities remain operational during normal business hours as defined as 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday  99% 97% 99%
Achieve 85% satisfaction rating to service calls reported through the National Service Call Centre 85% 89% Table footnote ** 85%
Professional and Technical Services

Deliver projects over $1M on time, on budget and on scope and on budget in accordance with the National Project Management System principles and agreed upon changes with clients.

2014-15 version: Deliver projects over $1M on time, on scope and on budget in accordance with the National Project Management System principles, provided that certain conditions Table footnote * are met and are based on negotiated project charters or specific service agreements
On time 90% 96% Table footnote ** 90%
One scope 90% 98% Table footnote ** 90%
On budget 90% 98% Table footnote ** 90%
Client Relationship Management
Provide regular progress reports to client departments and address any potentials issues 95% 100% Table footnote ** 95%
Acknowledge clients’ inquiries within 1 business day 95% 100% Table footnote ** 95%
Respond to clients’ inquiries within 3 business days 95% 100% Table footnote ** 95%
Table footnote *

Return to table note * referrer

Conditions relate to timely project notification, availability and completeness, and funding.

Table footnote **

Return to table note ** referrer

Indicates that the target was met or surpassed

If you would like to have the results for your department (where the information is available), please contact your account executive. If you don't have an account executive or if you don't know who your account executive is, please feel free to contact us at

We take our commitments on service standards very seriously. If you have any concerns related to our service standards or have any suggestions on how we can improve our services, feel free to contact us at

F. Addressing shortcomings and client issues to increase satisfaction

Check out how we go the extra mile and ensure open, ongoing communication with our clients.

Example 1: Workplace 2.0 CLIENT-CENTRIC!

In order to demystify and address client concerns related to Workplace 2.0, PWGSC, Real Property Branch collaborated closely with client departments and agencies, including the Public Service Commission and Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages which have recently relocated to the two new Gatineau Towers at 30 Victoria and 22 Eddy.

Numerous clients have shared their success stories and expressed certain challenges they faced prior to, during and after their Workplace 2.0 project implementation. In an effort to share lessons learned with other client departments, panel discussions with representatives from several client departments and agencies were held at the 2014 Client Service Forum and the 2014 Real Property Institute of Canada National Workshop. These panel discussions help to solidify implementation methods that work well, and to resolve any problems or shortcomings. PWGSC also continues to support clients by delivering presentations, speaking at town halls, delivering training and organizing site visits in an effort to respond to their concerns and issues, and by providing key and critical tools such as the “Workplace 2.0 Toolkit” and “Navigating Change to Workplace 2.0”. These initiatives helped the development of client change management plans and fostered project team collaboration, resulting in a broad endorsement of workplace modernization.

Example 2:

PWGSC was coordinating the dismantling and sale of workplace furniture and equipment for a client department. In our oversight role, we observed some irregularities with the methods used by the contracting company who had been awarded the work. We noted if these potential issues were not addressed, the methods could result in security and safety concerns for the client department.

We worked to ensure these methods were improved, issues were resolved, and work was completed according to the high standards of our department and to the satisfaction of the client department.

G. How satisfied are you?

The PWGSC Barometer measures overall client satisfaction with both the accommodation and real property services of PWGSC. It assesses over 20 departments and agencies which have signed a Departmental Service Agreement (DSA) with PWGSC. Client satisfaction has increased since the initial reporting period in 2012, and remains high, with 17 of 22 clients with DSAs reporting that they are generally satisfied with RPB’s overall service.

H. To learn more about our Property and Buildings Services

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