Centre Block Rehabilitation—Construction management services

Fairness monitor final report, May 1, 2017

Submitted to Director, Fairness Monitoring Program

Submitted by PPI Consulting Limited

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1. Introduction

PPI Consulting Limited (PPI) was engaged on March 9, 2015, as a fairness monitor (FM) to observe the procurement process related to Canada’s requirement for Construction Management Services for the Centre Block Rehabilitation initiative.

The Request for Qualification (RFQ) was issued by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), now Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) and hereafter referred to as PSPC, as a result of Solicitation # EP748-151886/C. The RFQ intended to shortlist up to three of the highest scoring respondents who would be invited to participate in the second stage Request for Proposals process.

PPI Consulting Limited is an independent third party with respect to this activity. We reviewed all of the information provided and observed all relevant activities

We hereby submit our final report covering the activities of the FM up to the conclusion of the RFQ process. This report includes our attestation of assurance, a summary of the scope and objectives of our assignment, and relevant observations from the activities undertaken up to the contract award date.

2. Attestation of assurance

It is our professional opinion that the solicitation process to select a provider of Construction Management Services for the Centre Block Rehabilitation project, that we observed, was carried out in a fair, open and transparent manner.

Original signed by
John Davis, CEO, PPI Consulting Limited

Original signed by
Ian Brennan, CSCMP, FM Team Leader

Original signed by
Mairi Curran, FM specialist

3. Project requirement

PSPC initiated a multi-phase procurement process to select a provider of construction management (CM) services for the Centre Block rehabilitation project located at 111 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

The Centre Block Rehabilitation initiative is a complex, multi-faceted project comprising a series of sub-projects, all of which are interconnected and dependent upon each other. The principle focus involves one of the most prestigious federal buildings and sites in Canada, the Centre Block (CB) building. This building forms part of the Parliament Buildings National Historic Site of Canada and has been designated a classified heritage building that requires significant rehabilitation and conservation.

The Centre Block is the core building within the Parliament Hill complex, occupying a central position between the East Block, the West Block, the Library of Parliament and the emerging Visitor Welcome Centre. It is at the very heart of Canada's political and cultural landscape and contains many overlapping identities including as a place of governance, a forum for public engagement, a place of pilgrimage, a setting for national rituals and celebrations, and as a monument to Canadian achievements and sacrifices.

At almost a 100 years old, both the Centre Block and adjoining peace tower require significant rehabilitation in the very near-term as many of its major systems and components will be at risk of critical failure by 2019, with total failure predicted by 2025. The need for a modern parliament within fully rehabilitated historic buildings and new infrastructure supporting the 21st century operations and security of the Senate of Canada, the House of Commons of Canada and the Library of Parliament was recognized.

4. Fairness monitor engagement and observations

PPI Consulting Limited was engaged as a FM to observe the procurement process for PSPC’s proposed procurement of CM services for the Centre Block rehabilitation project and to attest to the fairness, openness and transparency of this monitored activity.

In accordance with the terms of our engagement, we familiarized ourselves with the relevant draft documents, reviewed activities, identified fairness-related matters to the contracting authority and ensured that responses and actions were reasonable and appropriate.

The following is a summary of the FM’s activities over the course of the engagement and related observations.

5. Request for qualification process

5.1 Activity monitored

5.1.1 Documents reviewed

During the RFQ phase, the FM Specialist was provided with the following documents for review:

5.1.2 Bid open period

The Request for Qualification for Construction Management Services was issued as Solicitation No. EP748-151886/C, dated July 17, 2015 with an original closing date of September 15, 2015. During the Bid Open Period five amendments were posted on the open bidding system responding to seven questions from industry. In amendment 05 published September 2, 2015, the closing date was extended to September 25, 2015.

One response was received by the submission closing date and time.

5.1.3 Written response evaluation

The one response was reviewed for compliance with the mandatory requirements. As all requirements were met and there were no other responses to evaluate, the respondent was deemed the highest scoring respondent.

This nullified the need to proceed with the presentation and case scenario phase of the RFQ.

The FM specialist was informed throughout the process.

5.2 Request for qualification fairness monitor specialist observations

Any requests for clarification by potential respondents during the bid clarification process were addressed by the PSPC contracting authority and issued as amendments. The same information was provided to all participants at the same time.

Any observations or request for clarification made by the FM specialist were addressed by the PSPC contracting authority. The PSPC contracting authority was responsive in providing clarification when requested by the FM specialist.

6. Request for proposals process

As Canada had received only one proposal in response to the RFQ for CM services, PSPC considered the going-forward options and it was decided to proceed with a single source contract with the one responsive respondent. A request for proposals process was therefore not required.

The FM specialist’s participation in the process concluded at the end of the RFQ process.

6.1 Single source contract

A single source contract was subsequently negotiated and awarded to the responsive respondent.

The FM specialist did not participate in this process.

7. Reference documents

Request for Qualification process for the Centre Block Rehabilitation Construction Management Services (Solicitation # EP748-151886/C).

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