Fairness Monitoring Program

The Fairness Monitoring Program provides client departments, government suppliers, Parliament and Canadians with independent assurance that Public Services and Procurement Canada conducts its activities in a fair, open and transparent way.

How we monitor fairness

Independent third-party fairness monitors observe all or part of a business activity. Based on their observations, they provide impartial opinions on the fairness of monitored activities in final reports.

All final reports are available to the public and are subject to limits of disclosure under the:

Why we monitor fairness

The program protects the interests of clients and Canadian taxpayers by identifying and resolving fairness issues as they arise. Dealing with issues early makes the process fairer and avoids possible costly after-the-fact resolutions.

For more information, please contact the Fairness Monitoring Program.

Fairness monitoring final reports

Completed in 2020

Completed in 2019

Completed in 2018

Completed in 2017

Completed in 2016

Completed in 2015

Completed in 2014

Completed in 2013

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