Other organizations: Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates—May 15, 2020

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Canada Post Corporation: Response to COVID-19

Key messages

If pressed on health and safety:

Amazon, Purolator and Canada Post

Key messages

Health and safety

Pandemic's impact on Canada Post business

National Capital Commission: Response to COVID-19

Since the onset of COVID-19, the National Capital Commission (NCC) has worked to provide public access to its assets while respecting public health directives. To date, this has meant avoiding non-essential travel and exercising close to home.

As the governments of Ontario and Quebec have recently outlined plans to gradually reopen, the NCC has also developed a Framework for Public Use of Assets to ease toward greater public access.

In doing so, the NCC will stay responsive to public health directives and measures by provincial authorities, as they happen, and will continue consultations with local municipalities.

Planning framework

The NCC has developed the following planning framework to guide its actions moving forward. It provides clear guidance about how the NCC will align increased access to its assets with the broader provincial re-openings, as they occur.

The NCC will remain responsive to external factors such as public health directives and measures by provincial authorities, and will continue consultations with local municipalities.

Overview of the 3-phase approach:

In all cases, physical distancing will need to be practised by all users. On-site signage will continue to remind the public of this directive.

Dogs are permitted on most NCC trails and in most NCC parks, but they must be kept on leash at all times. This applies to areas normally identified as off-leash dog areas and parks.

Gatineau Park


National Capital Commission urban parks and lands


Challenges enforcing new rules

The NCC is working closely with local authorities to enforce closures and ensure social distancing rules are respected.

Festivals and events

The Canadian Tulip Festival is moving online, including performances and programming. The tulips will still bloom in NCC parks, however, the NCC is asking people to respect the calls for physical distancing and thus, the NCC will not be providing the services it usually provides in its parks during the tulip bloom, such as portable toilets, food concessions, extra waste pick-up, road closures during the weekends, first aid and site management.

The Jazz festival and the festival Franco-Ontarien have been cancelled. The Ottawa Race Weekend has also been cancelled. The NCC continues to monitor the situation.

Bridge crossings

Any police checkpoints are a provincial decision and not something the NCC plays a role in

Harrington Lake renovations

Canada Lands Company: Response to COVID-19

In this section


Rent relief

Canada Lands Company (CLC) is offering rent relief to most of its commercial and all of its residential tenants. The relief is retroactive to March 1, 2020 and is provided to the earlier of government declarations that businesses may resume on June 30, 2020. The CLC continues to monitor the situation and will consider extending its rent relief beyond June 30, 2020 if appropriate.

Protecting the health of workers

Buildings normally open to the public and administrative offices are closed. Only operations deemed essential are carried out on site by skeleton crews who are afforded special considerations to protect their health and safety. All CLC employees will continue to be paid until September 2020, at which time a review of business operations and needs will be conducted. Most employees are working from home and some, while on full pay, are "relieved of duties" at this time.

The CLC amended a number of its human resources policies in response to COVID-19, removing waiting period before employees can access paid sick leave and removing the doctor's note requirement. Leave for family obligations that would normally not have been paid are now considered paid leaves. Planned vacation can be cancelled and the carry over maximums are being reviewed at this time.

Once provincial governments and health authorities provide their support and reopening guidelines, operations will only resume once CLC feels it has appropriate measures and procedures in place to ensure the health and well-being of staff and guests.

Financial impact

The CLC has been, and will continue to be significantly financially impacted by the closures of its attractions sites, cost of rent relief provided to tenants, cost of carrying full payroll obligations with significantly reduced revenues, the cooling of the real estate markets across the country, and additional, incremental health and safety measures incurred in responding to COVID-19. CLC assesses significant cost implications to restart the businesses at the Old Port of Montréal and CN Tower that will most likely extend into the 2021 to 2022 fiscal year.

Facts and figures about Canada Lands Company

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