Shared Services Canada: 2021 to 2022 Supplementary Estimates (C): Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates—March 4, 2022

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Overview of Supplementary Estimates (C)

Shared Services Canada (SSC) is seeking a net increase of $91 million through Supplementary Estimates (C), increasing its available funding from $2.34 billion to $2.43 billion (vote 1 $81.8 million; vote 5 $3.8 million; statutory $5.1 million), net of revenues.

The overall increase of $91 million is due to: an increase of $74.9 million (including statutory of $5.1 million) for new items, $32.0 million for reprofiles, offset by a decrease of ($16.2 million) for transfers with other government departments.

The main contributors to the overall increase in funding are:

New funding: $69.8 million increase ($74.9 million including statutory)

A. A total of $36.0 million ($40.3 million including statutory) for the NextGen HR and Pay Solution. This funding (from an off cycle Budget 2019 request) will enable the NextGen team to carry out test pilots to assess the complexity of the government’s HR and pay requirements as well as to conduct a feasibility study to identify the resources and level of effort to transition from Phoenix.

B. A total of $8.2 million [Redacted] for the direct costs in support of partner-led initiatives. This funding includes $8.0 million earmarked for 2021 to 2023 Immigration Levels Plan (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and $0.2 million for Land Border Crossing Project (Canada Border Services Agency).

C. A total of $15.6 million ($16.4 million including statutory) for 2 cyber and information technology security initiatives. This funding is for the Endpoint Visibility, Awareness and Security Project (from Budget 2018) to undertake the implementation phase, which includes completing the procurement and proceeding with deployment. This funding will also be used for the Internal Credential Authentication Service (ICAS) Project (from the Fall Economic Statement 2017) to enter the operational phase of the ICAS solution.

D. A total of $10.0 million to support the Workload Modernization and Migration Program. The funding (from Budget 2021) will enable secure and stable hosting solutions for Government of Canada (GC) information technology infrastructure, and therefore, support GC digital operations through then program's goal of migrating existing workloads off of aging IT infrastructure and into more modern hosting solutions, such as the cloud or enterprise data centres.

Reprofiles: $32 million increase

The pandemic impacted procurement and suppliers’ efforts to meet demand for IT goods and services. The following initiatives experienced delays mainly brought on by the pandemic and therefore requested reprofiles from fiscal year 2020 to 2021 to 2021 to 2022:

Net transfers between government departments: ($16.2 million) net decrease

I. A total increase of $1.6 million from Public Services and Procurement Canada for the reimbursement related to reduced accommodation requirements as a result of data centre consolidations.

J. A total decrease of ($7.1 million) to Statistics Canada for the Workload Migration from the [Redacted]. The funding aims to facilitate the completion of migration execution activities by Statistics Canada to public cloud in order to allow for the closure of the [Redacted].

A total decrease of ($9.7 million) to the Communications Security Establishment for the following:

A total decrease of ($1.03 million) to the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) for the following:

Nil impact item

Q. A vote swap of $0.8 million from the capital vote to the operating vote for expenditures related to funding from Budget 2016—secure IT infrastructure.

Statutory appropriations: $5.1 million increase

$5.1 million in statutory appropriations for contribution to the employee benefit plans (related to items A and C).

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