Maritime Helicopter Project

The Maritime Helicopter Project (MHP) is the procurement of a new maritime helicopter capability to replace the Sea Kings.

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Contract Value
  • $1.9 billion: Acquisition
  • $5.8 billion: In-service support until 2038
Project status
Next steps
  • Ongoing delivery of aircraft, with final delivery expected by the end of 2021
  • Full operational capability expected by the end of 2025

Project description

In addition to the procurement of 28 new CH-148 Cyclone maritime helicopters, the MHP also includes procuring associated logistical and in-service support. Modifications have been made to the Halifax-class ships and a new training centre was constructed with a full training suite of flight, mission and maintenance simulators. In its final configuration, the Cyclone will be capable of a full range of anti-surface warfare, search and rescue, and utility missions in various environments, making it one of the most capable maritime helicopters in the world.

Current status

Procurement progress





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