Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative: Overview and benefits

The Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative (CCPI) is part of our ongoing work to modernize procurement tools and practices. The initiative shares federal procurement tools with provincial and territorial governments, municipalities, academic institutions, the schools and hospitals (MASH) sector and other eligible organizations.

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Use of procurement tools

Canadian public sector procurement expenditure is estimated to be at least in the hundreds of billions with considerable spending at the local or regional levels. Our initiative seeks to improve the efficiency and value of public procurement by bringing together the purchasing power of entities from:

Benefits of buying together

By using collaborative procurement tools to purchase certain commodities, buyers from provinces, territories and the MASH sector, among others can:

Through this collaborative approach, buyers can also share knowledge and procurement best practices on a range of commodities.

Video: Buying together—Overview of the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative

Transcript of Video: Buying together—Overview of the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative

[Start of video]

[Music plays]

(Text on screen: Public Services and Procurement Canada)

[Animation of four tires rolling across the screen.]

[Animation of a multitude of two-way radios appearing on the screen.]

[Animation of very tall piles of printing paper sliding on the screen as many sheets of paper fly everywhere and quickly fill up the screen.]

Need to buy commercial tires, two-way radios, office paper or other supplies?

(Text on screen: Buy better with us!)

Buy better with us!

[Animation of two people shaking hands behind a road and a giant planet where two small delivery trucks circulate.]

[Animation of a delivery truck driving down the road as various buildings labelled Government, City Hall, university, school, hospital, courthouse, and library appear behind it.]

Thanks to the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative, federal procurement tools are shared with provinces, territories and municipalities as well as with academic institutions, schools, hospitals, and other public sector entities.

(Text on screen: Why buy together?)

Why buy together?

[Animation of four people sitting down with their laptop or notepad in front of them and interacting with each other like they are in a meeting. Some purchasing icons and various products appear behind them while a conference table flies in between them and transforms into an arrow.]

[Animation of a shelf sliding down in a warehouse. Boxes appear one by one and fill up the shelf.]

Because you can find better deals, streamline procurement processes and work with pre-qualified diverse suppliers including those from Indigenous and underrepresented groups.

(Text on screen: Let’s increase our purchasing power together!)

Let’s increase our purchasing power together!

[Animation of a laptop sliding up on screen. The laptop is open on the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative website which then scrolls down.]

For more information on how to participate, visit our website.

(Text on screen: Check us out:,,,

[Music stops]

(Text on screen: ISBN 978-0-660-49047-2, Catalogue P4-121/2023E-MP4)

(Public Services and Procurement Canada signature)

(Canada Wordmark)

[End of video]

Year in review and look ahead

Highlights and success stories involving provinces, territories and the broader public sector over the past year.

2023 Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative year in review and look ahead

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