Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative

Learn about the participants, commodities and benefits of the federal-provincial-territorial collaborative procurement initiative.

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About collaborative procurement

The Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative is part of our ongoing work to modernize procurement practices. Through this initiative, provincial and territorial governments, as well as Municipalities, Academic Institutions, Schools and Hospitals (MASH) sector and other entities, can use federal procurement tools to:


As of January 2018, the following ten provinces and territories have signed an agreement with Public Services Procurement Canada (PSPC) which enables them to use specific federal procurement tools to procure goods and services:

Your institution may also be eligible to use PSPC procurement tools through their respective province or territory. These organizations include:

Contact your province or territory

Please contact your province or territory to use collaborative procurement instruments.


The following conditions apply when using PSPC procurement tools:

  • PSPC is responsible for managing the terms and conditions of the procurement instrument agreements
  • buyers are responsible for resolving disputes between themselves and the seller, although PSPC may help to clarify terms
  • prices, terms and/or conditions of the procurement instrument agreements cannot be modified or negotiated; as these items were agreed to previously following an open tendering process
  • buyers may purchase goods within the commodity groups covered by the procurement instrument agreements; goods not listed in the procurement instruments should be purchased using other tools

Commodities available

Dozens of commodities are currently available for purchase to participating provinces, territories and authorized MASH sector entities through PSPC procurement instruments. Over one hundred Goods and Services have been identified as part of a 3-Year Canadian Collaborative Procurement Plan.

3 year plan

Click here to view the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative 3 year plan.

Benefits of buying together

Public sector procurement is estimated to be approximately $200B annually in Canada, with approximately 80% taking place at the local or regional levels. By bringing together the purchasing power of the provinces, the territories, their MASH sector entities, as well as the federal government, we hope to improve the efficiency and value of our procurement for the benefit of Canadians.

Benefits for suppliers

Suppliers already compete for a wide variety of public contracts at different levels of government. Collaborative procurement makes it easier for them to sell to multiple levels of government in a streamlined approach and to also expand their market. The potential value and scope of each opportunity should increase, and the bid preparation investments required by suppliers should decrease.

Benefits for buyers

By using collaborative procurement tools to purchase certain commodities, buyers from provinces, territories and authorized MASH sector entities can benefit from rates negotiated by the Government of Canada, streamline their procurement processes, and reduce administrative and legal costs. Thanks to this collaborative approach, buyers can also share knowledge and procurement best practices on a range of commodities.

Find and order goods and services

Authorized non-federal government users can access the Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements Application (SOSA App) to find pre-qualified suppliers and use the call-up form to order items from the standing offer.

Learn more About the Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement Application (SOSA App) and how to become an authorized non-federal government user.

Find standing offer information

You can find information on pre-qualified businesses holding standing offers without having to sign in to the SOSA App by searching standing offers and supply arrangements or downloading standing offer and supply arrangement data.

You can also use the snapshot of Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements data to simplify your search by:

Use this information to find opportunities to partner with suppliers or to learn about the types of opportunities that are available.

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Learn more about standing offers.

Get help with procurement


Please direct any questions about a specific tender opportunity to the contracting authority identified in the tender solicitation documents. Consult the following for additional information:

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