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Tunney's Pasture

Tunney's Pasture is a federal employment site located about four kilometres west of the City of Ottawa's downtown core. It is in Ottawa’s Kitchissippi Ward 15. There are 17 buildings on the 49-hectare site. It is bounded by:

Enlarged image of the view of Tunney’s Pasture Boulevard from Tunney’s Pasture Master Plan

Conceptual rendering: Tunney’s Pasture Boulevard
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Overview of the Master Plan

The Tunney's Pasture Master Plan (TPMP) is the result of a project initiated by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) to establish the direction for its future development. The TPMP is the 25-year strategic vision for the Tunney's Pasture site. We developed this strategic vision by engaging many groups and organizations and considering a variety of uses for the site. We were guided by the following key objectives:

The TPMP will guide us as we transform Tunney's Pasture from a traditional employment centre to a vibrant, mixed-use, transit-oriented neighbourhood that features housing, open spaces, offices and retail establishments.

Key features of the TPMP:

The TPMP was approved by the National Capital Commission (NCC) in September 2014.

Find out more about Tunney’s Pasture redevelopment project.

Aerial view of Tunney’s Pasture from Tunney’s Pasture Master Plan

A quadrangle aerial view of Tunney’s Pasture buildings. The image is a mock-up model with buildings and green spaces.

Aerial view of the Tunney’s Pasture Light Rail transit station plaza at the corner of Tunney’s Pasture Boulevard and Yarrow

Profile shot of the white Tunney's Pasture buildings around the light rail transit station, bordered by green space.

Skyline view of new park/ open space with new residences to the west

Model of buildings that will make up the Tunney's Pasture Master Plan with green space, paved paths and greenery on the roofs of the buildings.

Public Services and Procurement Canada's role

We strategically manage our real estate portfolio to optimize existing federal workspaces and meet the government's need for affordable and productive work environments. We are responsible for the master planning of Tunney’s Pasture.

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