Upcoming changes to the criminal record check process

May 24, 2016

Contract Security Program reminder and updates—Mandatory electronic fingerprinting is coming soon

This communiqué provides information about a new requirement for fingerprinting, resulting from changes to the criminal record check process. This will impact how security screenings are conducted for industry personnel.

Security screening process to include mandatory electronic fingerprinting

In accordance with the Treasury Board Standard on Security Screening, the Contract Security Program must complete a law enforcement inquiry (criminal record check) as part of the security screening process.

What changes are coming into effect

Currently the Contract Security Program conducts criminal record checks using criminal record name checks with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The RCMP, as the lead agency responsible for law enforcement inquiries, is retiring the name-based criminal record check process, in favour of mandatory electronic fingerprinting.

The use of mandatory fingerprinting will eliminate the chances of mistaken identity resulting from variances in spelling of names, common surnames, the use of nicknames and name changes. This change is already in place for employees of most government departments including Public Services and Procurement Canada but has not yet been implemented for industry clearances.

How will this impact registered organizations

Once this process is implemented, all new personnel security screening requests will require a mandatory electronic fingerprint to initiate the criminal record check.

Company Security Officers will direct their employees to service providers to have their fingerprints taken prior to submitting their application. The results will be sent electronically to the Contract Security Program.

A confirmation that the fingerprints were taken will need to be submitted with the employee's personnel screening forms. This change should expedite the processing times for screening requests.

When is this coming into effect

We are working with the RCMP on an implementation plan for industry that will identify how the changes will be rolled out and how we can facilitate the transition for our industry clients. We expect the new process to be launched in fall 2016. A specific launch date will become available once the implementation plan has been completed.

A detailed communiqué on the new process and its requirements will be sent to all company security officers and their alternates closer to the launch date.

For any questions, please contact the Contract Security Program.

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