Security requirements for contracting with the Government of Canada

Planning to bid or work on a government contract with security requirements? Find out how to obtain security screening and comply with contract security requirements through Public Services and Procurement Canada.

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Security screening for government contracts

New to the Contract Security Program? Start here with an introduction to the government security screening process: learn about the types and levels of security required for safeguarding sensitive information, assets and work sites.

Organization security screening

Looking to meet security requirements in a contract? Learn how to begin the organization security screening process.

Personnel security screening

Once your organization is screened, find out how to request personnel security screening for your employees.

Safeguarding equipment, sites, assets and information

For organizations screened by the Contract Security Program, learn the security requirements for your work site, information and assets when working on sensitive government contracts.

Subcontracting security requirements

Organizations must ensure that subcontractors obtain the required security screening before working on contracts with security requirements. Find out how the process works.

International contract security requirements

Is your organization thinking about contracting or subcontracting with a foreign government or business? Find out how the Contract Security Program can help your organization get the security clearance it needs to compete in the global marketplace.

Contract Security Manual

A reference manual detailing the requirements that private sector organizations must follow for safeguarding government information and assets provided to, or produced by, organizations awarded a government contract with security requirements.

Contract security training

Training and webinars for organizations bidding and working on government contracts with security requirements.

Contract security resources

Tools to help your organization navigate the screening processes and comply with the requirements of the Contract Security Program.

News and updates about contract security

Get news about changes to government contract security requirements from the Contract Security Program.

Defence supplier cyber security certification

Overview, benefits and timing of upcoming cyber security requirements for suppliers that bid or work on Government of Canada defence-related contracts.

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