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Access tools to help your organization navigate the screening processes and comply with the requirements of Public Services and Procurement Canada's (PSPC) Contract Security Program (CSP).

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Information toolkit for suppliers

The information toolkit for suppliers is designed to help your organization navigate the security screening process and obtain a security screening for your employees with the CSP. It outlines the steps, activities and forms to complete with links to online resources and tools.

Learn more about how to obtain a security clearance.

Security officer forms

The company security officer (CSO) plays a vital role in the organization's ability to meet the security requirements of federal government contracts.

The CSO may delegate some responsibilities to 1 or more alternate company security officers (ACSOs).

Organization security screening

The CSO or ACSO is responsible for completing the Application for registration form each time their organization bids on a federal government solicitation with security requirements.

During the organization screening process, the CSO or a key senior official is responsible for completing these forms:

To obtain a copy of these organization screening forms, the CSO or ACSO must contact the Contract Security Program's client service centre.

Personnel security screening

The CSO or ACSO is responsible for completing the following forms to obtain personnel security screenings for employees before they are given access to protected or classified information, assets and work sites as part of a contract, subcontract or lease:

Subcontractor security screening

The CSO or ACSO is responsible for completing the Security requirements check list form (TBS/SCT 350-103) before awarding subcontracts with security requirements. This form identifies the security requirements of the subcontract and determines which security clauses the CSO or ACSO will need to include in the sub-contractual documentation.

The CSO or ACSO must also complete the Request for private sector organization screening form to sponsor their subcontractors for an organization clearance.

Get approval for visits to secure sites

The CSO or ACSO is responsible for completing the Request for visit form—PDF version (209KB) to obtain approval for screened employees who are required to visit secure sites in Canada or abroad. The CSO or ACSO must submit this form to the CSP before the scheduled visit, once the employees in question have obtained the required level of personnel security screening.

Reporting security incidents

The CSO or ACSO is responsible for recording security incidents as well as changes in behaviour or circumstances related to individual employees, and a suspicious contact from another person.

The CSO or ACSO must record these instances properly and report them to the CSP by completing the Security incident report form for security officers.

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