Appointing a company security officer

During the Contract Security Program registration process, your organization will need to appoint a company security officer. In some cases, you will be required to appoint one or more alternate company security officers.

Who to appoint

All organizations that register in the Contract Security Program will appoint one company security officer.

Depending upon the size of your organization and the nature of the contract, you may need to appoint at least one alternate company security officer.

For organizations with document safeguarding capability, you will require a minimum of two security officers at each of your secure work sites.

A company security officer must be:

A company security officer should also be:

How to appoint an alternate company security officer

The alternate company security officer shares the responsibilities of the company security officer and replaces them as required.

The company security officer is responsible to appoint the alternate by completing each of the following:

Appointment forms

To appoint a company security officer, complete:

To appoint an alternate company security officer, complete:

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