Personnel security screening

Learn how to fulfill personnel security screening requirements when working on a government contract with security requirements.

Services and information

Personnel security screening overview

An introduction to personnel security screening for employees of organizations registered in the Public Services and Procurement Canada Contract Security Program.

Personnel security screening processes

Explore the security screening processes to request and conduct personnel security screening through Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Release security screening information to another organization

Find the forms and learn about process used to authorize Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Contract Security Program to release an individual's personnel security screening status and levels to the company security officer of other organization registered in the program.

Costs and processing times for personnel security screenings

Learn what costs the applicant is responsible for during personnel screening. Find out how long it takes to process requests based on the level, type and complexity of the request.

Security screening decisions

Decisions about an individual's security status or clearance are based on the information gathered during the security screening process or the review for cause. Learn about the possible security screening decisions and recourses available.

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