Security screening decisions

Public Services and Procurement Canada's (PSPC) Contract Security Program (CSP) will inform the company security officer (CSO) directly about the decision to grant, suspend, deny, revoke or close a personnel security clearance.

Granting a security screening

A security screening is granted to employees who are determined to be:

Once the security screening is granted by PSPC's CSP, the CSO must:

Denying, suspending or revoking a security screening

In some cases, security screenings are denied, suspended or revoked. The reasons for denial and revocation are defined in the following Government of Canada policy:

Notification of appeals process

PSPC's CSP will notify the applicant of the decision and the reasons for the decision by registered letter and how they may appeal the decision. PSPC's CSP will also inform the CSO of the decision by registered letter, but will provide only the results and not the reasons why a reliability status and/or security clearance was suspended, denied or revoked.

Closing a security screening

Your security screening request will be closed if:

Closed files will always be returned to the CSO, along with the reason for the closure.

CSOs with questions about file closures should contact the Contract Security Program.


It is incumbent upon the CSO to terminate files that are no longer required.

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