Safeguarding equipment, sites, assets and information

Organizations registered in Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Contract Security Program can learn about the security requirements for work sites, information and assets when working on sensitive government contracts.

Services and information

Reporting security incidents and changes of circumstances and behavior

Find out how, when and where to report security incidents involving sensitive information and assets as well as changes of circumstances and behavior of your security screened personnel.

Work site security requirements

Learn the requirements for obtaining a document safeguarding capability—from preparing for site inspections to protecting sensitive information and assets at the work site.

Information technology security requirements

Find out how organizations must meet the security requirements to store, process and transmit protected or classified information electronically.

How to transfer sensitive information and assets

Learn what is required to safely transfer or exchange sensitive government information and assets in Canada and abroad.

Approval for visits to secure sites

Are you planning or hosting a visit to a secure work site in Canada or abroad? Find out how to get the required approval for visits through Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Contract Security Program.

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