New Contract Security Manual

Communiqué: November 12, 2020

On November 12, 2020, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC)’s Contract Security Program (CSP) published the new Contract Security Manual (CSM)—formerly the Industrial Security Manual.

In response to feedback received from industry clients and stakeholders, PSPC’s CSP has re-written its manual that describes the security requirements set out by the program to private sector organizations working on sensitive Government of Canada contracts.

The intent of the rewrite is to ensure the requirements of PSPC’s CSP are presented in a concise manner for private sector organizations to understand their responsibilities and remain in compliance

There are no new requirements in the manual, but it does include information related to the new Policy on Government Security and the Standard on Security screening. You will note that the chapters have been reorganized in a more intuitive way to search through topics of interest. The previous manual has been Archived—Industrial Security Manual on the website for reference purposes.

New Contract Security Manual page

The new manual is available under our new Contract Security Manual web page. PSPC’s Contract Security Program encourages you to read the new manual to fully understand your responsibilities as a registered organization in PSPC’s CSP.

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We value your feedback and welcome your comments on the new Contract Security Manual, including its content, format and structure. To provide feedback, or to obtain assistance navigating the new Contract Security Manual, you can send an email to

For all other inquiries, you may contact the Contract Security Program.

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