Getting married/common-law—Reservists in the Regular Force Pension Plan

As a member of the Regular Force Pension Plan, if you are married or have reached common-law status, your new partner may be eligible for a survivor pension in the event of your death.

A survivor pension is payable to your common-law spouse if he/she had been living with you in a conjugal relationship for a period of at least one year at the time of your death.

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What do I need to do if I get married or begin a common-law relationship

  • If you get married – submit your marriage certificate, a copy of the birth certificate(s) of your new spouse and any children to the Government of Canada Pension Centre. If either of you were previously married, you will also need to submit proof of the termination of the previous marriage(s) in the form of a death certificate or a Divorce Decree Absolute
  • If you begin a common-law relationship (same sex or opposite sex) – provide the Government of Canada Pension Centre with a letter confirming your common-law relationship and a copy of the birth certificate(s) of your common-law partner and any children. Keep documentation that confirms your ongoing common-law relationship, such as income tax returns and bills, as your marital status at the time of your death must be confirmed. If you wish to provide information about your common-law relationship, the Statutory Declaration-Common Law (CF-FC 2016) may be sent to the Government of Canada Pension Centre along with other evidence that demonstrates the conjugal nature and the period of the relationship
  • If you are a participant in the Supplementary Death Benefit (SDB) plan, you may want to review and, if necessary, update your beneficiary designation. Reserve Class "C" members are eligible to participate in the SDB plan

Why is it important to tell the Government of Canada Pension Centre that I have a new spouse or common-law partner

If you die while serving, your pension benefits may be processed more quickly if the Government of Canada Pension Centre has up-to-date information. This can help ease the financial and administrative burden on your spouse, common-law partner, family or estate. And, it ensures that your death benefits are paid as you intended, without delay.

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