PWGSC-TPSGC 8438—Direct Deposit Pensioner Account Information—Canadian Forces

Protected "B" when completed

Pensioner's information

Banking information

Attach a blank cheque with the banking information encoded on it and write "VOID" across the front, and complete the banking information area below.

Please attach a VOID cheque or a direct deposit advice from the financial institution. If you don't have a cheque available, please have the financial institution fill out and stamp this form.

Attach Void Cheque


The pensioner is aware that the Canadian Forces Pension Office does not have secure email/fax server and as such his/her personal or confidential information could be observed by a third party while in transit. The Client understands and undertakes this risk voluntarily.

Authorization - I authorize the Canadian Forces Pension Office to deposit the payment directly into my accounts until further notice.

Mailing address

Specialized Services Division
1451 Coldrey Ave
Ottawa  ON
K1A 0S5

Fax No. 613‑952‑9821

PWGSC-TPSGC 8438E - Direct Deposit Form (2013–02)

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