Survivor/child(ren) —Canadian Armed Forces pensions

Find information about the Canadian Armed Forces pension plans as a survivor of a deceased plan member.

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Services and information - Life events

Becoming a survivor

Learn about the types of survivor benefits available to eligible survivors and children of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Pension Plan members and pensioners.

Living or moving outside of Canada

Find out how your pension benefits are affected if you live outside of Canada.

Re-marrying or common-law

Find out how your pension benefits are affected if you have a new spouse or common-law partner.

Becoming a student

Information on how your children can continue to receive the child pension beyond age 18 if in full-time attendance at a school, college or university.

Death of a survivor

As the survivor of a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Pension Plan member, find out what happens to your survivor pension in the event of your death.

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