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Committees: The meeting place for volunteers

The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) committees are groups of experts representing users, producers, industry, general interests, various levels of government and regulatory groups who volunteer their time and expertise to helping us develop and implement our products and services.

Volunteers bring their expertise to the CGSB:

More than 3,600 volunteers contribute their expertise and time to the CGSB. Their collaboration ensures that CGSB programs and services are harmonized with the requirements of our clients and of all stakeholder groups.

Volunteers: Benefits of participating

People volunteer for many reasons and in many different ways. Being a committee member provides you with a forum to:

Make a difference: Join our team

Volunteers are the essence of CGSB programs and services. We rely on their expertise and enthusiasm. The CGSB greatly appreciates the efforts of, and time and resources from, our many volunteers, and supports them through training and ongoing communication. For more information or to join our team, contact Canadian General Standards Board.

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