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Overview of ATSSC efforts in regard to reporting indicators

Reporting indicator ATSSC efforts
Current Future
Establish an HR-to-Pay team for government-wide efforts
  • Compensation and Finance professionals collaborate within a centralized processing and client support team
  • Maintain centralized processing and client support team
  • Track requests from either Minister or Integrated Team that have been actionned
Report on Progress on HR-to-Pay stabilization priorities
  • Regular dashboards on pay issues provided to Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC)
  • Quarterly updates on pay issues provided to members of the ATSSC Labour Management Consultation Committee
  • Continue to complete dashboards and any other reports required by PSPC
Managers and employees are informed of HR-to-Pay developments
  • All employees advised through email messages and intranet page of developments affecting pay, departmentally or across government, on an as needed basis
    • Pay interruptions
    • Availability of salary advances
    • Claims reimbursement process
    • 2016 Tax slip errors
    • 100% completion of collective agreement implementation
    • Suspension of actings
  • Individual employees advised by email or telephone when pay issues impact them directly
  • Revised and timely communications on pay issues:
    • Preparing for the 2017 tax season
    • Support for employees in overpayment / underpayment situations
  • Maintain practice of directly advising affected individuals when pay issues occur
Managers and employees understand their role and responsibilities in HR-to-Pay
  • Employees and managers have been encouraged to complete Phoenix on-line training
  • Additional in-house classroom training and individual coaching provided  to managers
  • Continue to remind employees of their options re: salary advances and claim reimbursement
  • Continue to provide in-house and OCHRO training and  individual coaching as required
Managers and employees incorporate robust HR-to-Pay practices into their routine
  • Phoenix self-service functionalities limited; many pay transactions are processed by compensation advisors thereby reducing potential for pay issues
  • Maintain practice of having compensation advisors process pay transactions
  • Review internal business processes to minimize after-the-fact transactions, especially as they relate to actings
Employees ensure their contact information is up to date N/A
  • Regular reminders to staff on the importance of maintaining accurate contact information
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