Pension transfer in—Transfer process

After you have reviewed the Appendix B/B1 - Request for transfer of service credits form - and carefully considered all the relevant issues surrounding your pension portability option(s), you must return the form to the Pension Centre clearly indicating your decision by checking off the appropriate section. If you proceed with the transfer, you will cease to be entitled to any benefits under your former employer's pension plan.

It is important to note that there is a time limit to make your decision and return the Appendix B/B1—Request for transfer of service credits form - to the Pension Centre. If you do not return this appendix within the deadlines indicated on the form, you risk losing the opportunity to transfer. Delays may result in significant changes to the federal and/or employer transfer amounts. These changes are a direct result of variations in actuarial calculation factors and the accumulation of interest.

If you proceed with the transfer, the Pension Centre will advise your former employer of your decision, provide an updated federal transfer amount and make a request for payment. Your former employer will then forward the lesser of the employer transfer amount or the federal transfer amount.

Upon receipt of the payment, the Pension Centre will provide you with formal notification of the service purchased by the transfer.

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