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Enhancements to Public Service Health Care Plan

If you are looking for information on the improvements and changes to the Public Service Health Care Plan or have questions on the new Plan Administrator, you are invited to consult the following resources:

If you have questions relating to claims or coverage, please contact Sun Life at 1‑888‑757‑7427 or Canada Life at 1‑855‑415‑4414

Pension services feedback survey

If you have contacted the Pension Centre or accessed the online Pension Portal in the last three (3) months, you may receive a phone call or email inviting you to participate in a pension services feedback survey about your experience to see if our services met your expectations. The email will be sent by the research firm Advanis.

Completing the survey is voluntary. Your participation will be kept confidential. What you tell us won’t have an impact on your pension payments or essential services.


How did we do this month?

We invite you to contact us using your preferred means of communication.

Compensation Web Applications

If you are having technical issues regarding the Compensation Web Applications Registration (CWA) or myKEY registration, please contact your departmental help desk.

Employer-related questions

Compensation advisors should contact the Government of Canada Pension Centre’s Employer Support Services for employer-related questions.

However, for specific questions relating to a member's account, they should continue to contact the Pension Centre by using the member's toll-free line to speak to the pension expert who is working on the case.

In writing


Always include your pension number or Personal Record Identifier (PRI) when writing.

Public Services and Procurement Canada
Government of Canada Pension Centre—Mail Facility
PO Box 8000
Matane QC  G4W 4T6



Always include your pension number or Personal Record Identifier (PRI) when providing information by facsimile.


On-line or by email


Do not disclose your pension number, Personal Record Identifier (PRI) or other personal information when corresponding by email. For more information concerning security and the protection of personal information, please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Notice Statement on the General Inquiry page.

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Service standards

For information on our service delivery times, please refer to the Service levels page.

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