Pension transfer out—Roles and responsibilities

Processing your pension transfer agreement out request

The process of transferring your pension from the Public Service Pension Plan to your current employer's pension plan is a team effort. The team consists of you, the Government of Canada Pension Centre, your public service compensation advisor, your current pension plan administrator and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The length of time required to process your request will vary according to your circumstances and the time associated with the receipt of information required to process your request. This document provides you with an overview of the steps involved during this process as well as the estimated time required.

All team members play a critical role in ensuring the transfer process moves along as required under the terms of the applicable pension transfer agreement (PTA). The transfer process tends to be sequential in nature and can be somewhat complicated and lengthy. Therefore, any delays experienced throughout this process may slow down the entire transfer and could impact your final costs.

Some possible reasons your request may be delayed

You may inquire as to the progress of your transfer at any time by contacting the Contact the Pension Centre or your current employer's pension plan administrator.

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