What to do if you are having pay issues

Public Services and Procurement Canada is working tirelessly to resolve all pay issues as quickly as possible. If you are having a pay issue, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Confirm that your issue is pay-related

Are you receiving the correct pay? If not, your issue with Phoenix is pay-related and you should proceed to step 2.

If you are having trouble using the Phoenix application (example: Cannot get pay stub, cannot understand paystub, need help with Extra Duty Pay (EDP), Timesheet, Schedule, Section 34, etc...), your issue is technical and you should email the Compensation Web Applications Service Desk or phone them at 1‑855‑634‑2358.

Step 2: Verify that your organization is served by the Public Service Pay Centre

If your department or agency is on the list, please proceed to step 3.

If your organization is not on this list, your manager can direct you to the appropriate internal contact to address your pay issue.

Step 3: Contact your manager

Tell your manager you are having a pay issue. Your manager can help you determine the reason for the issue and help you get an emergency salary advance through your department’s internal processes.

Your manager may need to submit a pay action request.

Step 4: Report your pay issue

Whether by phone or online, to report a pay issue, you must provide your:


Report a problem through the Phoenix feedback form.

The Pay Centre will triage requests based on priority. Our staff may follow up with you for more information to resolve your pay issue, and to provide a case status update, if requested.

The feedback form will also allow you to request an emergency salary advance. Your department is responsible for issuing an emergency salary advance.

Call centre

The agents will take your information, triage and register your request, and ensure it is dispatched to the appropriate office.

Phone the call centre

Step 5: Follow up

Track myCASE (available on the Government of Canada network only). If your department or agency is serviced by the Pay Centre, you can now follow the status of your pay-related case. Find out more about Track myCASE (available on the Government of Canada network only).


If you do not have access to the Government of Canada network, or your department or agency is not serviced by the Pay Centre, please use the Phoenix feedback form.

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