ARCHIVED – Annex 3-F: Subsidiary board resolution noting parent's exclusion and resolution to exclude parent organization

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The duly elected secretary of the subsidiary organization must complete this form when:

Completing and submitting this form

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Subsidiary board resolution form

the duly elected secretary of

a corporation in the province or territory of

do hereby certify that the following is a true and complete copy of a resolution passed at a meeting of the board of directors of said corporation, at which a quorum was present, duly called, and held

Be it resolved that officials of

the parent organization of

shall not require and shall not have access to protected or classified information in the custody of

a subsidiary organization.

acknowledges the execution of a resolution by name and address of parent organization

whereby the corporation, its officers and directors, as such, will not require and not have access to protected or classified information in the custody of

a subsidiary corporation, and further that this action will not affect adversely the policies of said subsidiary involving the security and safeguarding of protected or classified information or performance of classified contracts.

Be it further resolved that

acknowledges non-disclosure certificates executed by the below listed individuals who are officers or directors of


that they will not disclose protected or classified information to

or any or its agents.

Be it further resolved that these actions of the board of directors of the

are taken for the purpose of exempting the

from the necessity of facility security clearance equivalent to that held by the

in conformity with the Public Services and Procurement Canada Industrial Security Manual.

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