Mandatory training for designated officials

Find out how to register for the Designated Official Certification Program.

Who needs the training

Designated officials must be certified through the Designated Official Certification Program. This training is mandatory for all organizations registering in the Controlled Goods Program.

If you are an individual registrant in the Controlled Goods Program, and you do not have employees, you are not required to complete the training.

However, if you hire employees after your original registration, you must:

When to register for training

You can register for the Designated Official Certification Program once your organization has submitted the application for registration to the Controlled Goods Program.

How to register for training

After the program has received an application for registration, it will send the designated official an invitation to register for training.

Taking the training

The Designated Official Certification Program is a web-based course that you can complete at your own work site. It is offered through the Controlled Goods Program. Training consists of a series of modules that take between four to five hours to fully complete. Training is offered in both official languages.

The course provides information about:

At the end of the course, participants will complete a web-based certification exam.

Becoming a certified designated official

You will become a certified designated official after:

At this time, you will receive your Designated Official Certification Program certificate. You may be asked to recertify when your security assessment is renewed.

Certification is associated with the individual and not with the employer.

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