Appoint a designated official

To register in Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Controlled Goods Program (CGP), your organization must appoint a designated official.

Who is eligible

An eligible designated official must:

How to appoint a designated official

When choosing a designated official, look for an employee with the authority, responsibility and integrity to perform legal responsibilities. Attention to detail and critical thinking are necessary skills for a designated official. You must submit the security assessment application for the designated official with your registration application to the CGP. The program will conduct a security assessment, and notify you of the outcome. If approved, the security assessment will be valid for up to 5 years and as long as the designated official is employed by the registered person.

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Responsibilities of a designated official

The designated official must ensure that employees, officers and directors are properly assessed and authorized before they can examine, possess or transfer controlled goods.

A designated official:

The main responsibilities of a designated official include:

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Number of designated officials

Every organization must appoint at least one designated official for every 150 employees accessing controlled goods.

However, the program recommends appointing a second designated official to ensure coverage when the primary designated official is on leave. Two designated officials per company allows for sufficient back-up for any organization with up to 300 employees. Once a company has more than 300 employees accessing controlled goods, they may add additional designated officials for every 150 employees. Companies with several sites across Canada may appoint additional designated officials.

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