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Our role

The Receiver General for Canada is the central Treasurer and Accountant of the federal government. Our mandate is to safeguard the integrity of the Accounts of Canada and of the Consolidated Revenue Fund, that is, all public money.

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Our responsibilities

As Receiver General for Canada, the Minister of Public Services and Procurement, the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, is responsible for overseeing all the funds coming in and going out of government accounts, the maintenance of the Accounts of Canada and the preparation of the Public Accounts.

Issuing payments

We issue payments on behalf of federal government departments and some provincial governments. We pay amounts owed to Canadian citizens and businesses in Canada and around the world. Payments can be in Canadian funds or in one of many other currencies.

Direct deposit is a faster, more convenient and secure way to receive payments from the government. Businesses and individuals alike can save time and energy with this automated system.

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Accepting payments

We manage all banking arrangements with financial institutions (banks, credit unions, trust companies, caisses populaires) to accept and process payments to the federal government.

Preparing the Public Accounts of Canada

As the government's accountant and custodian of the Consolidated Revenue Fund, the Receiver General maintains the accounts of Canada and prepares the Public Accounts of Canada as required by law. The Public Accounts include the annual audited financial statements of the Government of Canada.

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History of the Receiver General

The Receiver General is Canada's oldest position. The role existed even before the country officially did.

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