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On Wednesday, March 8, I provided an update on our progress in resolving public service pay issues.

Service standards

An updated version of our monthly public service pay dashboard, which shows the progress we are making toward achieving steady state, is now available.

For parental leave, we committed to achieving steady state by the end of March, and we are on track to reach this important target. Most employees with parental leave transactions that are outside our service standard in the Pay Centre have had their cases addressed and will start receiving their top-up payments on March 22.

To help minimize delays, we will continue to work closely with departments and agencies to ensure that they take the necessary steps when submitting your requests.

Moving forward

Improvements in our service standards will soon receive a significant boost from a recently implemented system enhancement.

As of last week, calculations for past actings are now automated in Phoenix. Right now, there are close to 100,000 such actings awaiting processing in the Pay Centre, which represents approximately 30% of our current workload.

To ensure we effectively manage this large volume of work, past acting transactions will be processed in a controlled and focused manner between now and June. Employees will start to receive payments on March 22.

Tax implications

I would like to remind those of you who have questions about your tax slips to contact our Call Centre, where agents are ready to help you understand paystub information and tax slips.

It is important to note that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is recommending that employees file their taxes before the filing deadline of May 1, 2017, with the tax slips you have. When amended tax slips are produced after you have filed your taxes, you will not have to refile. Public Services and Procurement Canada will send amended slips to the CRA, and tax returns will be recalculated. You do not need to take any additional steps.


I know that it will take time for employees to see the results of our efforts but signs of improvement will become increasingly evident in the next month.

Thank you all for your continued patience.

Marie Lemay, P.Eng., ing.
Deputy Minister
Public Services and Procurement Canada

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