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Enquire about your pay: My Pay Enquiry

From: Public Services and Procurement Canada

If you are experiencing pay issues, or would like to report a problem with your pay (including requesting an emergency salary advance, or accessing your pay information online), please complete the following form.

Whenever possible, we encourage you to visit MyGCPay and discuss your issue or request with your manager before contacting the Client Contact Center or completing this form.


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Example: Missing payment, incorrect deductions, receiving too much pay, require record of employment...
Example: cannot get a pay stub/tax slip, access/login issue or need help entering overtime, timesheet, schedule, section 34...

Did you know?

If you are having MyKey issue you should contact your IT service desk

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For security and privacy reasons, please do not provide any personal information such as your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or banking information. In addition, we cannot forward email messages on your behalf.

Please read our privacy notice statement.

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