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Request for Progress Payment - Construction Contracts

NOTE: All amounts are to be entered without taxes.

Progress Claim - Contractor This Period Total to Date
Contract Amount Claimed:

This claim is submitted in accordance with the Terms of Payment of the above contract for work completed and material delivered to the site but not incorporated into the work, the whole as described in the attached "Cost Breakdown".

Progress Report - PWGSC Total Amount (Less) Holdback Net Amount
Totals to Date:
Less Previous Payments
Contract Amount Payable
Applicable taxes

I hereby certify that the work done and material delivered to site up to the date of this request for payment are as listed on the attached cost breakdown. Work and material are according to plans, specifications and contract, that the prices are according to contract or, if not specified by contract, are reasonable.

The value of the portion of the work completed and material delivered to site, described in the above Progress Claim, is as shown in the Progress Report. Certified pursuant to Section 34 of the Financial Administration Act.

NOTE: Complete the following part for contracts subject to a Unit Price Arrangement once the portion of the Work subject to a Unit Price Arrangement is complete.

Final Certificate of Measurement

The quantities shown on the attached cost breakdown are the final measurement of this contract.

Cost Breakdown

Cost Breakdown
Description Unit of Measure
(Unit Prices
Quantities a Unit Price/
Value of Item b
Value to Date
Enter Quantity or %
(e.g. 0.25)
This Period To Date
Item No.1

Table note a For unit price items, enter the quantity.
For lump sum items, enter % in decimals (e.g. 0.25); for 100% enter 1.

Table note b For unit price items, enter the unit price.
For lump sum items, enter the total amount of the item.