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Notification of Standardization Activities

Notification of standardization activities allows interested persons or organizations an opportunity for meaningful contributions.

The Standards Council of Canada's criteria for the accreditation of Standards Development Organizations (SDO's) and the development of National Standards of Canada require the public notification of standards work at the following three stages:

  1. Notification of New Work Items;
  2. Availability of draft documents for public review during the development process; and
  3. Notification of Publication of the document.

The notification of standardization activities also complies with the World Trade Organization's Code of Good Practice. This entails timely notification in appropriate media and reporting on status changes as appropriate. Each Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) draft standard and published standard is assigned an International Classification for Standards (ICS) code.

This notification is separated into three sections:

  1. Section I - Standardization activities - Notification of New Work Items
  2. Section II - Draft Documents Available for Public Review
  3. Section III - Recently Published Documents

View descriptions of the standards actions proposed in this notification or on any action abbreviations.

To request copies of drafts, to order published standards or to offer comments, please contact the CGSB Sales Centre at

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