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Draft documents available for public review

View descriptions of the standards actions proposed in this notification or on any action abbreviations on the International classification for standards page.


To request copies of drafts please call the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Sales Centre at 819‑956‑0425 or 1-800‑665‑2472, fax at 819‑956‑5740 or send an email to

Table 1: List of documents available for public review
Designation—Title / International Classification for Standards (ICS) Action Open date Close date
CAN/CGSB-4.2 No. 27.6 – Textile test methods
Flame resistance of soft floor coverings
New edition 2023-05-24 2023-07-24
CAN/CGSB-149.12—Radon mitigation options for existing buildings New edition 2023-05-04 2023-07-03
CAN/CGSB-149.11—Radon control options for new buildings New edition 2023-04-04 2023-06-12

Canadian General Standards Board—Column Headings and Explanation

CGSB Reference
The CGSB normative document designation or project reference number. This reference includes the numerical portion of the designation only.
Identifies the proposed action for the normative document. Applicable CGSB codes are:
new CGSB standards
proposed new National Standard of Canada
new edition
review stage
Comment Date
Identifies the start date when the document was made available for public review and comment (year – month). Normally this is a 60-day period.
International Classification for Standards (ICS) Code
Classifies the subject matter based on the ISO International Classification for Standards.
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