Reporting a security breach involving controlled goods

A security breach is the unauthorized examination, possession or transfer of controlled goods. All breaches, suspected or confirmed, must be reported to the Controlled Goods Program within 3 days upon discovery.

Examples of security breaches

How to report a confirmed or suspected security breach

Registered persons must report confirmed or suspected security breaches to the Controlled Goods Program within 3 days upon discovery of a potential security breach in relation to controlled goods and/or controlled technology.

Download the security breach report form

Security breach report form (PDF 202 KB)

Submit the security breach report form

Contact the Controlled Goods Program

Why you need to report

As per paragraph 10(h) of the Controlled Goods Regulations registered persons in the Controlled Goods Program are required to report all confirmed or suspected security breaches.

Failure to report a breach may result in your registration being suspended or revoked. You may also be prosecuted under the Defence Production Act.

More information

Report confirmed and potential security breaches: Guideline on Controlled Goods Program registration

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