Data Capture Tool tips

The Data Capture Tool (DCT) gives employers a web-based application that allows them to accurately import payroll data into Penfax.

Users can import employee data or enter the data using DCT online screens.

The DCT will run first-level validation edits to ensure that data fields satisfy predetermined validation rules and that valid characters are present within those fields. Once the data has been passed to Penfax, it will perform additional edits to ensure that the data posts and that the pension business rules are applied (example: eligibility rules).

It is important to review all information entered prior to validating and posting data. Minor errors will cause posting errors in Penfax. For example: PRI (personal record identifier) is incorrect by one digit or that the “pm” indicator is used instead of “am.” 

The following information is intended to provide you, the Crown Secure Portal user, with useful tips on how to use DCT and ensure that you provide the proper data in the DCT import file or the DCT on-line transactions.

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