Employer Support Services: Frequently asked questions

Who must complete the PWGSC-TPSGC 591 (Employer representative user ID request) form?

All employer representatives who require a user ID and password to access the Data Capture Tool (DCT) and/or the Accounting function must complete the Employer Representative User ID Request form PWGSC-TPSGC 591. This form must be approved by the employer representative's immediate supervisor and forwarded to the Government of Canada Pension Centre (Pension Centre).

Who has access to the Secure Portal?

The Portal is a secure site that has been developed for the Crown Corporations, Agencies and territorial governments, who are not serviced by the Regional Pay System. The Secure Portal enables them to report salary, service and leave without pay data and send contribution remittance information to the Pension Centre.

Who do Employers contact with questions that are directly related to a plan member's account?

Any question that is specific to a member's account should be directed to the member line at the Pension Centre. Please visit our Contact Employer Support Services page for further information.

Where do Employers refer employees that have pension-related questions?

Except for question related to leave without pay, when asked about the public service pension plan, employers must direct their employees to the Your Public Service Pension and Benefits website. For those employees without Internet access, please provide the Pension Centre's telephone number in Shediac, New Brunswick found under the Contact Us - Your Public Service Pension and Benefits page.