Security assessments 6-month report: Controlled Goods Program

To comply with the Controlled Goods Program (CGP), registrants must complete a security assessments report every 6 months. This report includes details regarding individuals who were security assessed by the designated official during the previous 6 months. Learn about the report including content and submission requirements.

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Submission requirements

Every 6 months, each registrant in the CGP, other than a sole proprietorFootnote 1, must submit a report of all individuals’ who were security assessed by the designated officials during the previous 6 months.

The registrant is responsible for submitting the report.

Initial and subsequent submissions

The first report is due no later than 6 months from the registrant’s initial registration approval. Subsequent reports are due every 6 months thereafter.


The company was approved on September 1, 2017.

  • First report due: By March 1, 2018
  • Following report due: By September 1, 2018

Information required

The CGP recommends that registrants submit the report using the template which is in electronic Excel format. A wet signature is not required on the completed template.

Security assessments 6-month report template


In cases where no security assessments were conducted during the reporting period, check the box "No security assessments were conducted during the last 6 months".

Where to submit the report

Send the security assessments 6-month report to:



Mail and courier

Controlled Goods Program
2745 Iris Street, 3rd floor
c/o PSPC Central Mail Room
Place du Portage, Phase III, 0B3
11 Laurier Street
Gatineau, QC  K1A 0S5


Providing personal information

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is committed to ensure the privacy and security of personal information. However, applicants remain responsible for the security and confidentiality of any personal information provided to PSPC, until it is received.

Applicants may choose to transmit personal or sensitive information, at their discretion, by:

  • regular mail and courier
  • email
  • fax

They should also consider using registered mail or priority courier as these are more secure delivery methods.

More information

For more information related to the security assessments 6-month report, contact the Controlled Goods Program.

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