Pay Centre resources

Learn about the centralized pay services for 46 departments and agencies

Services and information

About the Public Service Pay Centre

Find out what we do, who we serve and how to request a service. Access tools and resources

Track your case (for those served by the Pay Centre)

View the status of your pay-related case (accessibly only on Government of Canada network)

Departments and agencies served by the Public Service Pay Centre

Find out if your department or agency is served by the Public Service Pay Centre

Submit a pay action request

Steps to follow and what you need to know when completing this form

Pay Centre forms

Access a list of Pay Centre forms

Contact the Client Contact Centre

Find out how to contact the Client Contact Centre if you have questions about your pay

Pay Centre documentation requirements

This guide helps employees, managers, human resources, finance and the Pay Centre identify which pay events require what documentation

Pay process roles and responsibilities

Pay event guidance for managers, human resources and finance interacting with the Pay Centre

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Pay Centre processing times

What information you need to provide to allow the Pay centre to meet its service standards

Pay Centre service standards

The Pay Centre's commitments to quality and accurate pay services

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