Software categories and description

Only products which correspond to the categories available in Software categories & descriptions of Request for a Supply Arrangement (RFSA) EN578-100808/D may qualify for the Software Licensing Supply Arrangement (SLSA).

The following categories and the descriptions of software products serve as a generic guide for departments and do not form the basis of a bid solicitation. They are provided strictly for the purposes of organizing the Software Licensing Supply Arrangement. Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) will regularly update these categories to reflect change in technology and the software industry.

Should you have any comments regarding the SLSA categories, please contact the SLSA team via email at

The 12 Software Licensing Supply Arrangement categories

All products in the SLSA Catalogue are categorised by the Suppliers. This information is available in the links to the Supplier`s Product List and Ceiling Prices under The Software Licensing Supply Arrangement catalogue (accessible to federal government employees only) column of the SLSA catalogue (more specifically in the 7th column of the Supplier`s Product List and Ceiling Prices).

0100 Data management software

0200 Information management software

0300 Enterprise resource management software

0400 Development environments software

0500 Middleware software

0600 Network infrastructure software

0700 Operating systems software

0800 virtualization software

0900 Operations management software

1000 Client productivity software

1100 Scientific and engineering software

1200 Security operations software

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